BAT – Behavior Adjustment Training

KPA CEUs: 1.5
Length: 1 hr 33 min

Learn how to build dogs’ coping skills, increase confidence, and decrease fear using Behavior Adjustment Training. You’ll learn how to add BAT to your behavior modification toolbox, not to replace your other tools like classical counter-conditioning, but to add a technique that will make you more effective as a humane trainer.

Most of the behavior that our clients want to change is maintained by the environment. That behavior can be replaced by more appropriate behavior with the same or similar consequence as a reinforcer. We have historically used this for jumping up and other issues, but it can also be used for aggression, fear, and frustration, as in BAT.

BAT gives the dog control over his environment. By doing so, the dog builds social skills, confidence around the trigger, and trust in the handler. While food or other rewards are used with BAT in some cases, the main focus of BAT is on giving the dog control and using environmental reinforcers that meet the dog’s needs.


Grisha Stewart

Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP specializes in dog aggression at her facility in Seattle, Ahimsa Dog Training, which has been voted Best of Western Washington.  “Ahimsa” is a Buddhist doctrine of nonviolence to all living things, which reflects Grisha’s focus on force-free methods to promote the well-being of dogs and their humans.

Grisha has a Master’s in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College. She is now pursuing a Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior at Antioch University, while still running her 8-trainer business and doing private consults for aggression cases.  Her first career as a theoretical mathematician and college instructor serves her well in dog training and behavior consultations, because she relies heavily on the problem solving, critical thinking, and teaching skills she gained in that field. Since founding Ahimsa Dog Training in 2003, she has found her canine and human students to be much more excited about learning than her college students!

Canine behavior fascinates Grisha and she is highly motivated to help improve our techniques for rehabilitating and training dogs.  This led her to develop BAT, Behavior Adjustment Training, which uses environmental consequences to reward the dog and eliminate problem behaviors.

Refund Policy: The course fee will be refunded, in its entirety, so long as the enrollee requests a refund in writing no later than the 14th day after the course is purchased. Alternatively, the enrollee may request an exchange or credit toward a different course, instead of a refund.