Environmental Enrichment Techniques for Companion Animals


Because of our changing lifestyles, we must begin putting more thought into our companion animals’ mental and physical well-being.  Most companion animals lead very sedentary, boring lives and this, as all trainers know, can lead to undesired behavior!  Dr. Oliva-Purdy has worked in a zoo environment, where enrichment is a major part of the zookeepers’ job.  It is important for the health and longevity of the animals that they be both physically and mentally fit.  Dr. Oliva-Purdy will discuss types of enrichment for animals with examples for dogs, cats, birds and rodents.  She will give you tools for your own animals, as well as tools for helping our client’s animals.


Joanne Oliva-Purdy, Ph.D.

Joanne Oliva-Purdy, Ph.D.(Biopsychology), is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant specializing in zoo animals and companion animals (dogs, cats and parrots). Over the last 23 years she has gained a wide range of experience in the field of animal behavior.

Her education has been in Zoology, Psychology and Ethology (behavior of wild animals) and her training started with academic research on the social behavior of birds. While getting a Ph.D., her interest shifted from
academic to applied animal behavior, as she studied first laboratory birds, then companion parrots and then wild exotic bird species at the Bronx Zoo.

After her doctoral work, she was the Behaviorist at The Baltimore Zoo for four years and worked on a variety of mammal species, including chimps, bears and large cats. In 2000, she started Animal Behavior Services
(www.PurdyBird.com), which offers behavior counseling services for people caring for animals. She started taking companion parrot and cat cases, while gaining experience with dog problems.

She moved to Denver, Colorado in December 2001 and in 2003, to Leadville, CO, a small isolated mountain town. In Leadville she started seeing dog cases, offering training classes and expanding her services. Her community service includes giving classes for local clubs and shelters and time on the Board of Directors of Colorado Avian Resource, Incorporated (companion parrot club) and Dog Ears and Paws (assistance dog training). She is excited about her new side career, Early Childhood Education.

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