How Dog Daycare is Changing (for the better)…and How You Can Keep Ahead of the Trend


Wednesday, June 13, 2018
10:00am-11:30am Central
KPA CEUs: 1.5
Presented 2018

The Best Behavior series includes individual webinars, each focused on presenting focused solutions to the real-life behavior problems many dog owners experience. In Counter-surfing Counter Measures, we cover a series of techniques that help eliminate one of the most annoying, and potentially dangerous, behaviors, house dogs engage in. Our companion dogs come from a long heritage of scavengers, but scavenging gone bad in the home can be annoying and potentially deadly. Learn some easy-to-implement techniques for making counter-surfing and dumpster-diving a think of the past!


Robin Bennett is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author, consultant and expert on dogs. She founded one of the largest dog training companies in Virginia. She has been “reading dogs,” teaching families how to train dogs, and working in the pet care industry helping others keep dogs safe for over 20 years. Her first book, All About Dog Daycare is the number one reference on opening a dog daycare.  Co-author of Off-Leash Dog Play… A Complete Guide to Safety and Fun, and an extensive staff training program called, Knowing Dogs, she is now making canine body language easy for everyone to understand.


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