Sit, Jane, Sit: Learning Theory for Humans


So much of dog training is teaching humans.  We spend a lot of our professional time refining our understanding of learning theory as applied to dogs— How about learning theory as applied to people?  Though we all know that operant and classical conditioning play a large role, many are surprised to find that another theory— constructivism— can offer many additional insights into working with and teaching our human clients and their complex brains.  This fun introduction to constructivism will offer multiple suggestions and techniques for immediate application to public classes and private consults.


VeronicaVeronica Boutelle

Veronica Boutelle, M.A., began her professional life as an educator before switching careers to dog training.  As the SF/SPCA’s Director of Behavior and Training, she drew from her background as a teacher educator and curriculum developer, her training experience, and her experience in business to support a staff of trainers, academy students, and interns in their quests for skills development, program design, and professional growth.  In so doing she found that her love was working with and supporting people who work with dogs.

Returning to the private sector, Veronica recognized the need for an organization that would support dog professionals working in the field. The result is dogTEC.

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