Business of Private Training: From Pre-Screening to Client Homework

Duration: 1 hr 21 min

It’s time to cut down on paperwork so you can spend more time with the dogs. Gina Phairas and Veronica Boutelle of dog*tec walk you through streamlined approaches to interviews, written reports, case notes, and client homework. Every hour spent on paperwork is an hour you’re not paid for. This seminar teaches you how to get out from underneath the paperwork with effective, professional practices that boost your business and leave you more time for the fun stuff.


Gina Phairas

Gina Phairas, BSC Comms, CTC, helps trainers succeed across the country as a business consultant and leading force behind dog*tec. Gina brings her marketing and communications background to her work with dog professionals, as well as her extensive training resume. She is a former San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers instructor, and as the SF/SPCA Rehabilitation Coordinator developed and oversaw staff training. Gina speaks regularly on business topics at conferences and seminars across the country.

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