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Clock Form - the clock form can help you manage your time when giving a presentation. It divides an hour into 4 15-minute segments, and each 15-minute segment into 3 5-minute segments.  You can create different time segments -- for instance 3 20-minute segments -- if you wish. For the 15-minute model, you can allot your time as follows:

1.     For the 15-minute model, you will have 2-3 main points you wish to cover

        a.     1st section is introductions & introduction of topic - possibly beginning of 1st point

        b.     2nd section is either -1st or 2nd point

        c.     3rd section is either 2nd or 3rd point

        d.     4th section is wrap-up, feedback, promotion of next course, book, etc.

2.     For the 1st 5-minute segment of each 15-minute segment, you lecture and get the most important point(s) covered.

3.     For the 2nd 5-minute segment of each 15-minute segment, you can cover other less critical, but still important issues you want to get in, or you can take questions and comments.

4.     For the 3rd 5-minute segment, you'll have filler in case you don't have audience participation, but this content will be fleshing out what you've already talked about or adding new, unimportant material.  Ideally, you'll have enough audience participation, that you won't need to use your filler material.

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