Affiliate Program

Raising Canine Affiliate Program

  • Do you wish you could make more money with less time and effort?
  • Do you have clients and others asking you how to become a dog trainer?
  • Do you spend more time than you can afford mentoring your apprentices and new trainers?
  • Do you run a boarding, daycare, or pet sitting business and want to teach your employees how best to work with the animals in their care?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a perfect match for Raising Canine’s Affiliate Program!


By becoming an Affiliate with Raising Canine, you can help further our industry and promote humane, positive training techniques while significantly adding to your income.

As an affiliate, if you refer someone who purchases a course, you’ll receive a commission, as follows:

  • Professional Dog Trainer Course – 10%
  • Understanding Learning Theory – 10%
  • Business Basics – 10%
  • Webinars – 3%

If you are an active affiliate, you can increase your commission rate. This is done on an individual basis, but Raising Canine does want to reward those who are productive!

Additionally, the RCAP program is a two-tiered affiliate program. What that means is that if you refer someone as an affiliate (i.e., the person doesn’t just buy a course, but also signs up to be an affiliate), you receive a commission on any sales they make. Commissions on second-tiered referrals never fluctuate – as long as your affiliate referral is generating sales, you receive your commission as follows:

  • Professional Dog Trainer Course – 5%
  • Understanding Learning Theory – 5%
  • Business Basics – 5%
  • Webinars – 1%

You can put as much or as little effort into these second tier affiliates as you want. They will receive from me everything that you receive, so I will be actively working with them, just as I work with you. However, you’re certainly welcome to work with them, within the parameters of our agreement, in an effort to increase their sales, which increases your commissions. I hope you decide to join us as we teach the world a better way to train our animals.


Raising Canine will provide you with easy to use graphics and links to add to your website, as well as other marketing materials. Throughout the year, we will have periodic contests and promotions. Promotions geared to the public (such as discounted rates) will include graphics and reminders.


Raising Canine strives to raise the bar for the animal training industry by teaching the science behind training and behavior.

Professional Dog Trainer Course

Those graduating from the Professional Dog Trainer course leave with an in-depth understanding of dog behavior, as well as the practical techniques for applying that academic knowledge in the real world of animal training in a humane and positive manner.

This course also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. Animal trainers are, essentially, problem solvers. That’s what we do. We must be able to think outside the box when we are presented with a difficult situation. Graduates from this course are equipped to handle all manner of behavior problems.

For more information on the Professional Dog Trainer course, click here.

Understanding Learning Theory

This is a 9 hour course going over basic learning theory and behavior. It’s a great review for those sitting for the CPDT-KA exam, as well as an invaluable introduction to learning theory and dog behavior. Qualified for 9 CEUs through CCPDT, IAABC, and KPA

For more information on Understanding Learning Theory, click here.

Business Basics

Business Basics is a 13 hour course covering all aspects of an efficient, integrated business. Anyone wanting to take their business to the next level will benefit from this course. Qualified for 13 CEUs through CCPDT, IAABC, and KPA

For more information on the Business Basics course, click here.


Raising Canine hosts a variety of speakers and our webinars cover all aspects of the dog training business – from behavior and training, to business and marketing, to science, and much more.

For more information on the Raising Canine Affiliate Program, call Sue at 512-916-4007 or click here.

It’s easy and FREE to join, so why not start now!




*This commission rate is based on active participation in the program. If an affiliate does not maintain their referral enrollment rate over the course of 365 days, their rate will go back to the baseline 10% commission rate.