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You can apply for continuing education units through CCPDT or IAABC here.

AVSAB HandoutsMarketing for Dog Professionals

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior have somewonderful handou ts you can use when marketing to vets. These handouts are written by their peers, thereby having more credibility.

Bite Hierarchies

These two hierarchies – dog-dog bites and dog-human bites – can help you analyze bites and advise your clients on potential future behavior of their dog.

Free On-Demand Courses

Try out our on-demand courses with no risk! We have several fun and informative telecourses that cost absolutely nothing.

Organization Tool for Employees

Check out this tool for small business owners who have employees going into client homes! Even though it's appropriate for lots of different businesses, it was developed by a pet sitter, so it's particularly approrpiate for the pet care industry.

Recommended Reading

Training Games

These are fun games that help you develop better timing, test your knowledge, and so on. We're

always looking for more games like these, so if you know of some, please share.

Fetch-O-Matic Ball Launcher



Gait Footfall Patterns