Kong Stuffer’s Cookbook



How to Use Value Added Products to Increase Your Business

The dog training business is competitive! This mini-cookbook makes you proactive and innovative in your approach to gaining and keeping clients. This value-added cookbook will increase your business while helping your clients’ pets lead a more enriched life!

Although it seems obvious to us, clients don’t think about enrichment for their pets on a daily basis; they need help and they need us to make it easy for them. This fun, inexpensive Kong Stuffer’s Cookbook is just the thing to get your clients thinking about enrichment for their pets.

  • Use it as a give-away at events and presentations.
  • Show potential clients the kind of extra service they can expect when they hire you.
  • Leave copies with your veterinarian to put in new puppy and new client packets.
  • Use it as a give-away on your website – get the name and e-mail address of potential new clients in exchange for the cookbook.
  • There are even two blank pages you can use to market your trainer services!
  • Use your imagination – there are tons of ways to use the Kong Stuffer’s Cookbook to increase your business.

Advertising is not cheap, but the Kong Stuffer’s Cookbook is a bargain! For only $10.00, you can increase your business and improve the lives of hundreds of dogs, not to mention saving the sanity of their owners!

Everyone will enjoy making the recipes, and will then be inspired to come up with their own favorite recipes. Here are the recipes that are included:

Barking Bruschetta
Growwwwwlin’ Goobers
Puttin’ on the Ritz

Chien Caciattore
Foxy Frankfurters
How..how..how..howwwlin’ Hamburgers
Poochy Pasta
Puppy Paella
Tasty Tartare
Woofer’s Wellington

Bow Wow Bouchée
Spotted Brown Betty

This value-added product is only $10.00 and will be a valuable marketing tool that will benefit you, your clients and your clients’ pets.

Just print the Kong Stuffer’s Cookbook onto computer-formatted postcards and assemble. Use a hole punch on the upper-left corner, tie pages together with a ribbon, and presto! You have a lovely little value-added product for existing and potential clients.