Be a Tree

Be a Tree is a great value-added product to hand out:

  • when visiting a family for a private appointment
  • to group class clients
  • to your veterinarian to hand out to his clients (put your contact info on the flyer!)
  • at events (put your contact info on the flyer!)
  • and any other time you think is appropriate

Here’s what people are saying about Be a Tree:

Hi Susan!

I used Be a Tree for a local city’s health fair. We had a table giving out information on our clinic and my behavioral consulting firm. It was a family event and there were lots of kids. I gave out this handout and walked kids through being a tree and also handed out coloring books from the AKC. The event went great and it was great to see kids respond in the correct way when I asked them to show me what they’d do if a strange dog were running at them. Thanks!

Dr. Elizabeth Feltes
Animal Behavior Services of Northeast Ohio
Cleveland, OH


Be a Tree is only $5.00!