90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall

e-book cover - 90 DaysIf you’d like to have a program that will give added value to your clients, increase your credibility, help with your marketing, and sell as an additional product, then this is just the program you’ve been looking for! 90 Days To a Rock Solid Recall is an e-workbook that you can give to your group class students (and private clients) which will teach them how to train their dog to come when called in just 90 days! This is a step-by-step program that will give your clients the skills and extra help they need to teach their dog that coming to them is the most wonderful thing in the world!

You can also use 90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall as a marketing tool.  This e-workbook is so inexpensive, that you can hand the program out to vets and vet staff, and you can provide coupons at public presentations and community events.  By giving out a taste of what you have to offer, you stand a better chance of gaining them as a client or referring professional! Or, you can re-sell the e-workbook and put a little extra cash in your pocket!

Here is a summary of the benefits your clients receive from this program

  • Step-by-Step Instructions – They are never given a vague instruction, then sent off on their own to figure out how to accomplish the given task.
  • Instant Success – Sometimes the idea of training your dog to come when called seems too overwhelming to even attempt! This program is designed for instant success. From the very first day of training, your clients will notice their dog coming more quickly when called.
  • It only takes 90 days for your client’s dog to respond under highly distracting conditions – Because we have laid this program out in a very logical, efficient manner, it will only take 90 days to be able to take the dog off-leash to places they never thought possible!
  • Creates a stronger bond between your client and their dog – Because they are spending quality time with their dog, and they are both experiencing success, you will be helping to creating a stronger bond between them. They’ll understand and like each other better!


Any training program should meet the following 4 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. Here are 4 criteria or elements your clients should be looking for in any training program they attend or purchase – and you can provide these elements:

  • Is this program important for you or your dog? Will it potentially save your dog’s life either because he obeys commands, or because it trains him to be a well-behaved dog who is more likely to remain in his home?
  • Will this program help you be successful in training your dog? Does it give you the information you need to understand WHY your dog does the things he does, as well as the techniques you need to train your dog?
  • Are the methods used going to improve or harm your relationship with your dog? Positive methods improve your relationship — your dog WANTS to be with you. If you use harsh methods, you run the risk of teaching your dog to avoid you or squelching his personality.
  • Is the instructor serious about continuing education and the professionalism of their chosen career? Do they belong to and are they active in professional organizations. Do they attend conferences and seminars? Do they read books and professional journals to stay on top of current research and techniques?

90 Days To a Rock Solid Recall will position you ahead of your competition!

We even have a version for Australian clients! We’ve changed some of the vocabulary and resources to meet your needs. For all this, you pay only $75.00! The 90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall Program is copyrighted by Raising Canine, LLC and may not be reproduced, sold, distributed, or shared without the express written permission of Raising Canine, LLC.  By checking this link, the purchaser agrees that they are purchasing a limited right to use and distribute the program.  The purchaser agrees that they will not alter, change, or modify the program in any way; that they will distribute the program to clients for the client’s personal use only; and that they will not share, distribute, or provide the program to other dog trainers or dog behavior professionals without the express written permission of Raising Canine, LLC.

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