Client Profile Book

Keep your important client information at your fingertips!

Client Profile Book

Finally – a product designed for animal consultants that organizes your notes, mileage records, and expenses in one convenient location! If you’d like to stop searching for information just before an appointment, keep better financial records and generally be more organized, then this is just the product for you! The Client Profile book helps you spend your time doing what you do best — helping clients!

When you get a new client, you fill out the profile sheet and put it in the book. As you work with the client, you add to your information. When you’ve completed your consultation, you can simply take everything out and put it in the closed file — everything you did with that client is now in a nice, compact location!


Here’s what you get when you order a Client Profile book.

  • Templates for:
    • Client Data Profile
    • Mileage Log Sheet
    • Combined Income & Expense & Mileage Log
    • Homework & Handouts Sheet
    • Instructions on Putting it All Together!

Descriptions of Inserts & Accessories

  • CLIENT DATA PROFILE SHEET: The front of the sheet has all the information you will need before or during your appointment; the back of the sheet is designed for notes. You can leave this sheet in the book and refer to it just before going into the appointment, or you can remove it from the book and take the profile with you, so you can make more notes during the appointment.
  • MILEAGE LOG SHEETS: The mileage log goes right at the front of your Client Profile book, so you have no more excuses for not writing down that mileage! Every time you go to an appointment, you’ll open the Client Profile book to review for your appointment, and there’s your mileage log!
  • INCOME & EXPENSE LOGS: As with the mileage log, the income and expense log goes in the front of the book. The book has pockets where you can put your receipts.
  • HOMEWORK & HANDOUTS: One side of this sheet is a check list of handouts — when you give your client a handout, you check it off your list. You’ll always know what you’ve given each client. The other side is for homework. Depending on your work style, you can plan out the homework you’ll give your client, list it on the homework sheet, then check it off as you assign it; or, you can write it in as you go. Regardless, you’ll know exactly what you’ve assigned and when. You can take it one step further and give your client a homework sheet. At each appointment you write the new homework on their sheet so it’s easy for both of you to keep track of!
  • NOTES: Last, but certainly not least, you’ll get extra notes sheets so you can keep notes of your session with your profile for quick, easy review.

All this is only $25.00!

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