Canine Behavior & Learning: A Power Point Presentation

Effectively Market Your Training Business and More Than Double Your Vet Referrals

If you'd like to increase your referrals, make more money and establish yourself as a credible professional, then this might be the most important product you’ll ever buy. Using Canine Behavior & Learning: A Power Point Presentation will increase your referrals and your income, or your money back!


Raising Canine's "Canine Behavior and Learning" is extremely well done – the content is excellent! This thoughtfully produced presentation will help trainers get their name out into the marketplace, focusing marketing efforts and generating greater awareness of just how knowledgeable dog trainers are to the ideal referral base — veterinarians! Additionally, it will help spread the word about common behavioral misconceptions to our local communities. I would recommend this program to anyone who dreads working on the marketing portion of their business.
Jean Donaldson, Author of:
The Culture Clash
MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs
Perfect Paws in 5 Days
Oh Behave!


Canine Behavior & Learning contains the following features:

A professionally designed presentation
A professionally designed presentation gives you a professional appearance and enhances your credibility.
A guide through your presentation
Canine Behavior & Learning helps keep you focused and on target under stressful circumstances.
Canine Behavior & Learning provides notes to go with the presentation
You can use the notes that are included with Canine Behavior & Learning, or create your own! The notes provide newer trainers with insight into behavior and learning, as well as what interests and intrigues an audience. Experienced trainers benefit from a different perspective than their own.
Flexibility to tailor your presentation to different audiences
Vets have a different need than the PTA or Rotary Club; you can tailor Canine Behavior and Learning to suit your audience and the time available to you.
Tips on keeping your audience interested in your presentation
Canine Behavior & Learning provides marketing tips, human analogies, talking points and exercises to do with your audience.
Canine Behavior & Learning: A Power Point Presentation includes topics on early learning and socialization, behavior, body language, problem behaviors, training and management, kids and dogs, fear, anxiety and aggression, how to choose a dog, resources and much more!
The variety in this program allows you to market to any audience, giving you maximum flexibility and minimum investment of time!


Anne Hudson, CDBC
FunPups Training & Behavior Solutions
Peachtree City, Georgia

Sue, your Power Point presentation for my staff meetings at local veterinary offices is outstanding and will be a very big help to me. It’s very professional, and you did an excellent job of covering prevention of bad behaviors, communication, and puppy and dog education.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. When purchasing marketing materials to help promote yourself and your business, you should look for the following:

  • Does the product accurately reflect your services and philosphy?
  • Does the product fill a need?
  • Does the product create the professional image you want to project?
  • Does the product save you time?
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If you use this product, you will get more than your money's worth from referrals!

  • Canine Behavior & Learning: A Power Point Presentation covers all the usual suspects — statistics, behavior, problems, and answers to those problems.
  • You can concentrate on practicing your profession instead of spending time putting together last minute presentations when a marketing opportunity presents itself. In 10-15 minutes you can tailor your Canine Behavior & Learning presentation to the specific audience you will be addressing.
  • The presentation is professionally designed to enhance your credibility with potential referring professionals and within your community.
  • Instead of out-dated and ineffective guesses at why dogs behave the way they do, this presentation is based on science and uses cutting-edge information to get your message across — including citations to research used in the presentation; let's not forget — vets are scientists and research is what will convince them!
  • With Canine Behavior & Learning, you get a comprehensive presentation, plus tips on how to effectively market yourself and your services. In addition, you get 30 days of e-mail support and access.
  • When you order Canine Behavior & Learning, you get the help you need to get you started increasing your referrals!

erry Cuyler
Pawsitive Results/Best Paw Forward
Longwood, Florida

Susan – I used your presentation at my first vets today and it went quite well, I thought. There were questions afterwards about how to work with specific problems so I took that as interest. They especially liked the aggression/body language part. Amazing how many kennel workers and even vet techs don’t seem to know the signs to watch for BEFORE a dog aggresses. Thanks for creating the power point.