On-Demand Webinars – Training


Advanced Training Concepts

All About Prompts!

Are Puppy Classes for All Puppies?

Barking in Class from "Coaching People to Train Their Dogs"

Bark, Snark, & Growl Classes: The Who, Where, Why & What

Bark, Snark, & Growl Classes: The How

Curriculum & Classroom Management Series: Building Better Classes

Dealing With Difficult Clients in Group Classes

Expanding Your Business with Niche Classes

Free Shaping: Hone your skills as a trainer, while having fun with your dog!

How Dog Daycare is Changing (for the better)…and How You Can Keep Ahead of the Trend

How and Why We Changed Our Puppy Classes: Legacy's New Puppy Menu

Group Classes: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Off Leash Play in Group Classes- Should We or Shouldn't We?

Personality Speaking: Personalities and Learning Styles and How to Work With Them in Group Classes

Reactive Dog Classes: Leash Lungers Anonymous

The 6 Week Group Class Experience


Abandonment Training

Best Behavior: Attention-Seeking Behaviors

Best Behavior: Counter Surfing Counter Measures

Best Behavior: Cut Back on Barking

Best Behavior: Door Dashing

Bridge & Target Training: The Basics

Canine Behavior Training Program for Dog Day Care Facilities

Chain Chain Chain . . .

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Babies

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Tots

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Kids

Effective Painless Punishment: The Most Misunderstood Process in Dog Training

Field Sports for Family Dogs

Free-Shaping: Hone Your Skills as a Trainer While Having Fund With Your Dog

Functional Assessment/Analysis: Putting the ABCs to Work in the Real World

Housetraining -“ from the sublime to the absurd!

How to Get Behavior

How and Why We Changed Our Puppy Classes: Legacy's New Puppy Menu

How to Stop a Thief: Dogs Who Steal & the Power of “Leave It”

Humane Hierarchy & EquipmentCBCC Qualified

The Hyper-Active Dog

I Was Lured! The 5 Steps to Lure Reward Training

Introduction Into Aggression Cases

Junior Trainers

Kids, Dogs & Parents! A full house consultation

Leash Reactivity & Leash Aggression

Maximizing Shaping Through Choice & Empowerment

Multiple Dogs

Owners vs. Trainers: Who Should Train The Dogs?

Positive Puppy Training Works

Practical Applications for Classical Conditioning

Providing Support for Foster Families

Puppy Professors – Socialisation Science

Resolving Behavior Problems Two Part Series

The 6 Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom

Teach Animals to Communicate with Manners

Thinking Inside the Box: Crates

Training Clients: An Interactive Course on Helping Clients Train

Training Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Training Small Dogs

Working With Aging Owners

Workshop – Developing a Behavior Modification Plan: Thinking it through to the logical outcome