On-Demand Webinars – Other Species


Bengal Cats

Cats! Aloof, affectionate, regal, goofy – they’re all these things, but they ain’t dogs!

Feline Medical Disorders That Can Affect Behavior

Inappropriate Elimination in Cats – Urinating & Spraying

Introducing the New Cat to the Resident Cat without Stress

Introducing Cats and Dogs

Naughty No More

The Power of the Clicker for Modifying Cat Behavior


A Parrot’s a Parrot’s a Parrot – NOT!

Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Birds

The Basics of Parrot Care

Companion Parrots & Flight

Feather Destructive Behavior – Causes & Resolution

Parrot Shaping Plans for Vet Behaviors

Solving Companion Parrot Behavior Problems

Training Birds for Medical and Husbandry Behaviors