On-Demand Webinars – Miscellaneous

Animal Assisted Activity & Animal Assisted Therapy: An Overview

Assistance & Service Dogs: The Basics

Defining "Saved": How Click-n-Ship Culture Affects Rescue Dogs, Their Families, and Dog Trainers FREE

Dogs & Oils: A Dog Trainer's Toolbox

Dominance: Anatomy of a Mind Virus

Ethical Challenges for Animal Behavior Consultants Parts I & II

Field Sports for Family Dogs

Finding Your Niche With Therapy Dogs

Healing Companions: Psychiatric Service Dogs & Their Power To Transform Lives

Helping Pet Parents Get Ready for Baby – When You Have No Kids of Your Own

Humane Hierarchy & EquipmentCBCC Qualified

Hypnotize Yourself to Productivity!

Improving Your Written Communications

Introducing the Har-Vest

Introduction to Dogs & Oils: A Dog Trainer's Toolbox  FREE

The More I Learn, The Less I Know: How to Expand Your Knowledge Base

Reading Scientific Research: What are scientists really talking about?

Research Into Developing the Treat 'n Train

Safety in Private Consultations & Classrooms

Sex and the Single Wolf: or, The Mating Habits of Wolves at Wolf Park

The 6 Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom

Shelter Enrichment for Dogs

Ian Dunbar on the State of Dog Training Today

Tomato, tomato; potato, potato – “what's in a word?

Therapy Dogs: Advanced Techniques

Training Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Training Your Business: How to put your business on auto-pilot so that you can focus on training your clients

Understanding Scientific Research & the Scientific Method   CBCC Qualified

Understanding Umweldt – “ The Concept of Understanding the World Through the Animal's Perceptions and Experience

Understanding Umweldt Part II

What If?: Why You Need a Disaster Plan for Your Pet Care Business

Where Did I Go Wrong (With Positive Reinforcement)

Why Not Exercise With Your Dog? Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Wolfdogs: Facts, Myths & What Trainers Should Know