On-Demand Webinars – Introductory Concepts

(appropriate for new professionals)

10 Things Your Animal Wants You To Know About Behavior

The ABCs of Learning Theory – Operant Conditioning

Animal Assisted Activity & Animal Assisted Therapy: An Overview

Assistance & Service Dogs: The Basics

Back to Basics: Puppy Socialization

Barking in Class from "Coaching People to Train Their Dogs"

Bridge & Target Training: The Basics

The Business of Burnout

Canine Behavior Training Program for Dog Day Care Facilities

Common Medical Problems That Can Affect Behavior

Communications and Compliance Using the MRE System

Counter Surfing Counter Measures

Does Pavlov Ring a Bell? Understanding Classical Conditioning

Dogs Bite: But Balloons & Slippers Are More Dangerous

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Babies

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Tots

Dogs & Families – Dogs & Kids

Dominance: Anatomy of a Mind Virus

Door Dashing

The Effects of Domestication on Behavior and the Differences Between Dogs and Wolves

Environmental Enrichment Techniques for Companion Animals

Ethical Challenges for Animal Behavior Consultants Parts I & II

Evolution & Dog Behavior

Extinction Bursts & Spontaneous Recovery and How Behavior Problems Develop & Extinguish

Functional Assessment/Analysis: Putting the ABCs to Work in the Real World

Housetraining – from the sublime to the absurd!

How to Get Behavior

How to Talk and Listen: Applying Modern Parenting Advice to Client Comprehension and Compliance

How and Why We Changed Our Puppy Classes: Legacy's New Puppy Menu

Humane Hierarchy & EquipmentCBCC Qualified

The Hyper-Active Dog

Kids, Dogs & Parents! A full house consultation


Meditations on Group Classes: An Interactive Discussion on How to Improve Group Classes

Motor Patterns, Drives, Instincts, & Fixed Action Patterns: Important considerations when choosing & training a dog

Owners vs. Trainers: Who Should Train The Dogs?

Personality Speaking: Personalities and Learning Styles and How to Work With Them in Group Classes

Positive Puppy Training Works

Practical Applications for Classical Conditioning

Puppy Professors – Socialisation Science

Reinforcement Schedules

Sit, Jane, Sit: Learning Theory for Humans

The 6 Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom

The 6 Week Group Class Experience

Stay Safe

Thinking Inside the Box: Crates

Tomato, tomao; potato, potato – what's in a word?

Training Clients: An Interactive Course on Helping Clients Train

Understanding Antecedent Stimuli: An examination of learning theory from the "front end"