Marketing Mentor Specialty Course


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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and start a serious marketing program to grow your business now?  If so, Raising Canine brings you a very special Marketing Mentor Group.  This remote course runs for 7 weeks; if you jump right in you will have an effective marketing project to grow your business completed before the year is over!!

Do any of the following describe why you haven’t started, finished, or followed through with the marketing you know you should be doing?

Active – Are you too busy to find the time to market?
Finances – Are you worried that the cost of marketing will be more than you can afford?
Regularly unprepared – Do you find yourself driving by a vets office, but don’t have any marketing materials with you?
Avoidance – Do you find yourself deliberately unprepared, finding something else to do, or taking an alternate route so you won’t have to stop at the grooming salon?
Inconsistent – Do you drop materials off at a vet’s office, then not go back for 6-8 months?
Distressed – Does your stomach start churning when you think about talking in front of an audience?

If you’ll notice, the acronym for all the above is “AFRAID!”  Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal, and most people do the same things.  However, the difference between a successful business and one that fails to meet its owner’s goals is the person who actually does the marketing, despite being afraid.

Enrollment is limited to eight people, so don’t hesitate — this is a wonderful opportunity to materially increase your business.

We must have 6 people enrolled before we will run this class. If, for any reason, the class is cancelled,you will have the option of waiting for the next class or having your money refunded.

Tiffany Sostar, CPDT
DogStar Training and
Behaviour Consultations
Okotoks, Alberta
Hi guys,I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful time spent together during the marketing mentor course.  It was a godsend for me, and really motivated me to new levels of marketing.  Everyone flies off in new directions after something like this, hopefully encouraged and enthusiastic, but I hope we’re able to stay in touch!Susan, you did a great job!  It was worth the money and more.  You always have something to say and I will be hearing your advice in my head whenever I come up with new ideas!  I think you are providing a service that is very needed.Thanks again for the great advice.

P.S. If you are not going to start your marketing program now, then when?  Give yourself the gift of a comprehensive marketing plan for the coming year and complete a major marketing project this year! No one deserves it more than you and the world is waiting for your gifts.

The Marketing Mentoring Course will be held every Wednesday from ______(TBA)_________.  This Mentoring Course costs only $350.00 and if you enroll before ______(TBA)_________ it is only $300.00.

To ensure your best success, your marketing project should come from a solid, comprehensive marketing plan that provides you with goals and direction.  This will help you make the best design and implementation decisions possible.  Don’t market in a vacuum!


Course Goal: To develop a marketing plan and accomplish one major marketing project within the 8-week period of the course while learning basic marketing techniques and secrets

Course Length: 7 Weeks – every Wednesday from __________________, starting _________________.

Pre-Requisite: None

Number of Students: Maximum number of students is 8, which will allow every student to have one-on-one help during each mentoring session

Course Summary: Course will help students to define, plan, and implement their plan.  Implementation has two aspects: Networking and Design.  Networking is any work involving reaching out to others (for example, getting a shelter to agree to allow and help advertise a lecture series).  Design is working on the actual project (for example, an outline of the lecture series).  Feedback and support will come primarily from colleagues in the class, guided and facilitated by the instructor.


Week One – Introduction
Intro Lecture
Marketing Concepts
Setting Goals
Determining Asessments
Choosing a Project
Project Planning
From Brainstorming to Implementation—what to expect from the course
Ground Rules for Supporting Each Other

HW: Choosing a Project

Week 2 – Brainstorm & Refine
Ground Rule reminder
Share Project Ideas, w/guided group feedback
Context within marketing plan

HW: Fine Tune

Week 3 – Implementation—Networking
Mini Lecture
Networking Message—what’s in it for you?
Networking Approach—how and when
Share Networking Ideas, w/group brainstorm

HW: Networking Action Plan

Week 4 – Implementation—Design
Share Refined Project Concepts, group brainstorm for design

HW: Begin Design Implementation
Begin executing Action Plan.

Week 5 – Check In
Share Progress and difficulties regarding design and/or networking. Group brainstorm for each.

HW: Implementation

Week 6 – Check In
Share Progress and Difficulties regarding design and/or networking. Group brainstorm for each.

HW: Implementation

Week 7 – Report & Reflect
Share Progress and Brainstorm next steps, reflect on process and lessons for future use.

We must have 6 people enrolled before we will run this class. If, for any reason, the class is cancelled, you will have the option of waiting for the next class or having your money refunded.

Refund Policy: The course fee will be refunded, in its entirety, so long as the enrollee requests a refund in writing no later than the 14th day after the course is concluded. Alternatively, the enrollee may request an exchange or credit toward a different course, instead of a refund.