Advanced Clicker Training

Train efficiently to accelerate your income!

The current trend in pet training is for trainers to train the animals because, of course, professional trainers are more skilled. Day training and board & train business models can eliminate client compliance issues as well as the frustration clients feel when they don’t see the progress they hoped for.

By increasing your training skills, you can really take advantage of this new trend:

  • You will resolve your clients’ problems for a reasonable price;
  • Problems will be resolved in record time;
  • You will have more flexibility and freedom in your scheduling;
  • Your word-of-mouth referrals will sky rocket;
  • You’ll soon have more clients than you can handle; and
  • you’ll have more successful resolutions.

In this course, you will train a simple act with a variety of criteria such as a free-shaped behavior and a chain of behaviors. You are awarded points depending on how much of each trained behavior is completed – i.e., is the behavior on cue or does it still need prompting. The training will be recorded, so you must have access to a video recorder.

To earn CEUs, the program must be completed within one month of the date purchased.

Cost: $497.00

In short, this on-line course will help you increase your income and decrease your frustration.



Refund Policy: The course fee will be refunded, in its entirety, so long as the enrollee completes at least 8 hours or one-half of the course, whichever is less, and is dissatisfied with the course; and who requests a refund in writing, providing a reasonable basis for their dissatisfaction, no later than the 14th day after the course is concluded; or, for a course in which the instructor or the instructor’s qualifications are different from the instructor or the instructor’s qualifications stated in any advertising, publicity, or solicitation for the course, before the course begins that they elect not to attend and requests a refund in writing.