Raising Canine provides a variety of remote educational formats and topics for animal professionals. Although we do require that the information be based in science, anecdotal information is certainly valuable and we can be extremely helpful in our profession.

Below is a description of the various format categories we offer.

Become a Professional Dog Trainer

This is an intensive year-long, remote course for those wanting to begin a career in dog training. There are a variety of media used, including Internet and phone.

Live Telecourses

Telecourses take place over the telephone and the duration will vary. Most telecourses are recorded and available after the live presentation. When looking at the telecourse selection, if there is a date and time, that course is live and will take place at the time stated. Telecourses offer the widest variety of topics, as there are well over 150 recorded telecourses!

On-Demand Courses (under 5 hours)
On-Demand Courses (over 5 hours)

On-Demand courses are recorded and available at any time. They are categorized as either “Less Than 5 Hours” or “Longer Than 5 Hours.” Most of the courses are 1.5 hours, but we have some that are shorter and some that are longer.

Specialty Courses

Specialty courses take place live over the telephone and usually take place once a week over several weeks. There may be homework required, or other activities between sessions. These courses are not recorded for purchase. These courses usually take place once or twice a year.


Raising Canine provides individual coaching for both business and training issue.s